Not Sure What Level of Tennis You Play?



Getting the most into your game.

Aren’t sure if you are a beginner tennis player or should be playing at a more advanced level?  Maybe you just need a few tweaks to your technique and you’re ready to compete?  Maybe you just donated that wooden racquet, purchased a new, super light composite and realized, ‘holy hopper of balls’ this game has changed!

No matter what your level, age or state of game, our USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Assoc.) certified Pros will help.  They’re trained and experienced to assist anyone who is ready, willing and able to play.  These are tennis professionals who are delighted to evaluate your tennis skills and abilities.  They are committed to your tennis, no matter what level you are on or experience you have.  They get you on court to take the next best steps, make the most satisfying strokes and develop the greatest winning strategies.  They get you ready for Wimbledon!  Ok, we exaggerate, but here are some basic guidelines you can use to get an idea of your game before getting our Pro’s evaluation.


Never played before or played some during youth or as an adult recreationally. Some success rallying the ball back and forth, but would like to develop more quality in their shots. Would like a firm understanding of stroke technique, production and footwork. Needs basic game coaching scoring and tactical playing experience.


Can rally successfully, but still desires more ball control and better movement. Aware of different stroke types, but needs correction and or practice in some areas. Aware of covering court spaces, but unable to exploit opponents’ weaknesses. Developing conditioning, consistency, shot depth, game and style of play.


Has shot depth, can put pace on the ball, and has overall ball control. Covers the court well and can exploit opponents’ weaknesses. Únderstands fundamental game tactics, winning strategies and is developing match-toughness, and tennis fitness.

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