Give a shout out to Coach Luka Bagos for his dedication to the kids in the Midwest Sectional Team USA Camp 2019 that he coached recently in Indianapolis.

Ages 10-13:
Team USA Sectional Camps
Two-day camps | Sectional

At least one TEAM USA Sectional Camp will be held each year in all 17 of the USTA Sections. These two-day camps for 24 players (12 girls/12 boys) have clear objectives aligned with the camp objectives of regional and national camps. Player ID and Development works closely with the Section PD Managers and Coaches Commissions to select the players invited to these camps, as well as partner with 8 developmental coaches from the section to work the camps. There also is a lead coach provided from outside the section to lead the camp. Each primary coach, parent and player receives a player evaluation based on the objectives of the camp as well as a Dartfish Media page developed to help with their overall development. Read more about the program here…

Refer to Image – Far left is Coach Luka Bagos and to his right is Laurie Warder 1993 Australian Open Doubles Champion.