Weeknight Tennis

Weeknight Tennis


On-line REGISTRATION IS CLOSED – please inquire at club house.

Weeknight Tennis begins with new rules:
week of  June 15 through week of August 17, 2020

Each week night will offer a fun and competitive program from 6pm – 8pm. $20 each night each person. Registration is now open for OPTC Season Pass Members so sign up today!

Mondays – Women’s Weeknight 
Tuesdays – Men’s (4.0 and under) Weeknight
Wednesdays – Men’s (4.0 and up) Weeknight
Thursdays – Mixed Team Weeknight

–Scroll down to view program details and rules.



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Please read program details…

  • Doubles only.
  • You choose your partner to begin with. If you win, you keep your partner for next week. Win or lose > next week you’re playing with someone different.
  • 24 players max. We can play with less people if we don’t have 24 people interested.
  • One doubles match from 6 until dark. 2 sets and 3rd set 9 point tie break if needed.
  • No food or socializing on the deck after playing.
  • Social distancing is still requested. Court assignments will be done ahead of time, expectation is that you walk out to your assigned court and begin warm ups.
  • Report your scores to the office after the match.
  • Luka and staff will be responsible for match scheduling and logistics and keeping track of results.
  • Balls will be provided.
  • New members who sign up start off at bottom and work their way up the ladder.
  • Players responsible for getting their own subs if they can’t make it.
  • $20 sign up fee.

Terms and Conditions | Players’ Waiver and Consent