Tournament Play

Tournament Play

$5 Late Fee - after May 31

The 2020 signup deadline has past.
Please return early next spring.

OPTC Fun Tournament Play – To register, you must have a paid 2020 OPTC Season Pass and also complete the registration selection and checkout process below. The fee for this tournament is included in your 2020 Season Pass.  However you must still register here to be included in the tournament by MAY 31.

–Refer to additional Program Details & Rules at bottom of page.

  • Mixed Doubles
  • Women’s Doubles
  • Men’s Doubles Level A (4.5 and above)
  • Men’s Doubles Level B (below 4.5)
  • Women’s Singles
  • Men’s Singles Level A (4.5 and above)
  • Men’s Singles Level B (below 4.5)
  • Boy’s Singles (under 18) – cancelled for 2020 season
  • Girl’s Singles (under 18) – cancelled for 2020 season

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Play your fellow OPTC members tournament. Each tournament bracket will feature a 16-player draw and run from June to August with match play in each bracket scheduled by the players. All draws will culminate with a finals weekend.

Registration:  Ends May 31
Schedule:  Tournament brackets will be posted Wednesday June 3.  All registered tournament players will receive weekly emails with bracket and contact info of opponent so they can schedule their match play. A player will forfeit if they are unable to schedule with another player within a 2 week period.

All OPTC tournament match play up to semifinals must be completed by Friday, August 14, 2020.

Semi-Finals Weekend: TBD, 2020
Finals Weekend: TBD, 2020
Finals Party:  TBD  (usually end of August)

Tournament Questions?  Get in touch with the Tournament Committee HERE

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