Spring Ladies Camp | Non-Pass Holders

Spring Ladies Camp | Non-Pass Holders


Enhance skills, drills and thrills of singles & doubles!
…also, Coach Nick Vizzone will be joining us…

Tuesday May 14  @ 10-1pm
Wednesday 15  @ 10-1pm
Thursday May 16 @ 10-1pm


  • One Day 3 Hour Camp  = $45 /  $55
  • Two Days 3 Hour Camp  = $80 /  $95
  • Three Days 3 Hour Camp = $110 / $125
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This 3 hour program feature stroke development and refinement for both basic and advanced skills, the use of spin, repetitive / tactical drills and some competitive situations. This is a great opportunity to build solid technique and to learn new skills, it also enables the student to learn more about singles and doubles strategy and achieve a great workout. Emphasis will be focused on the development of a more powerful serve and a more aggressive volley.

The excellence program focuses on teaching the fundamentals that will make you a better match player in singles and Doubles. All drills and competition concentrate on teaching the skills and concepts necessary to construct better points. The pace of practice will be quick in order to provide a quality workout. The drills will be challenging and exciting!

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