The 2017 summer USTA season is over, here is a recap of our very successful season!

OPTC finished the season with our best record ever: 5 and 2. We ended up in second place in our flight, edged out by a very strong Willowbrook team, who had a 6 and 1 record. Sooo close!  This season, we had 21 ladies rostered. 17 were season pass-holders, of the four that were not pass-holders, 3 were members of RFTC.

A big thank you to Luka—the drills (as always) were great. Those of us that were able to attend, really enjoyed them.  We continue to believe opening our club to USTA leagues is great for the club. We received very positive feedback from all visiting opponents.

A plus for the club:  There were 3 home matches, and 6 drills. For matches, non season-pass holders paid a fee of $15. Drill fees were $35 and $45 for pass and non-pass holders, respectively. Total revenue brought in to the club from matches was $345, and from drills was $1,010.  New this season, we invited Karen Walker-Ward’s team members to attend drills with us.

What a great season our ladies had!