Junior + Youth Tennis Programs
Spring/Summer/Fall Camps

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Junior + Youth Tennis Programs
for All Ages 4 - 18
2021 Registration is now open!


SPRING  » April 19 – June 13
SUMMER  »  June 14 – August 19
FALL  » August 24 – October 31

Scaled for Success

Oak Park Tennis Center youth programs include racquets sized for small hands and courts smaller and easier to cover by small legs. The benefits are immediate and within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing. That means your child will be playing real tennis and having real fun—faster.


Team Red  |  Team Orange  |  Team Green

Oak Park Tennis Center is a proud participant in the USTA 10 and Under (formerly QuickStart) tennis program, a national effort to introduce children age four to ten to the wonderful game of tennis. OPTC partners with USTA on the use of their 10 and Under —36 ft and 60 ft—tennis courts.



All of these aspects of a player’s
development need coordination.

Our program assists each player in making the best choices of what to do when. Setting tournament schedules, establishing fitness programs, creating lesson plans and defining realistic goals and expectations are a few of the things that our program helps players organize. Being efficient with the overall structure enables every player to improve more rapidly. To be sure, things are always changing and most things don’t go exactly as planned. Getting the most out of yourself in a sport like tennis is tough. Our program has nearly a decade of helping players navigate and excel through this process. The results speak for themselves. Those who are willing to do the work and believe in the plan have great things happen. 


Focus is on Excellence.
Jr. Varsity  |  Varsity  |  High Performance

This is a highly selective group in which each individual has made the decision to engage in real work. The daily regimen and training is difficult. Many of the challenges take players out of their comfort zones, but every day provides an opportunity. Each player can count on their desire, will and stamina to be tested. Practice provides a true reality of what it takes to maximize your skills set. This level of sacrifice and effort always leads to something positive. It’s never too late to do the right type of work with the proper mindset.


Photo Credits:  Matt Kosterman Photography

Watch Emilio Sánchez Vicario at OPTC
founder of the Sanchez-Casal Academy
Vimeo Video Credit:
  Kevin Ostajewski

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