Adult Pass Holder Tennis Programs

Adult Pass Holder Tennis Programs

Oak Park Tennis Center offers a variety of adult programs based on our N.T.R.P. system that has become the international industry standard for ranking players. Placed in groups by skill level, each player can focus on advancing their game in classes with players of similar ability. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to refine your play, there is a class for you.  Not a Pass Holder yet?  View our Non-Pass Holder Programs HERE.


Adult Drills

Registration Open to Everyone – Pass Holders Save! A great opportunity to develop your tennis skills! Stroke progressions and error correction for players of all abilities, men and women. Each day you will work on stroke development focused on a specific skill set based on efficient movement and repetitive drills.



Weeknight Tennis

Open to 2019 OPTC Season-Pass Holders only. Weeknight Tennis (previously called Team Tennis) Each week night will offer a fun and competitive program from 6-8 pm. Please refer to program page for NEW format details. Weeknight Tennis begins June and continues through August. Registration deadline is May 31.



Tournament Play

Open to 2019 OPTC Season-Pass Holders only. OPTC holds annual doubles and singles tournaments for all levels of competitive play. Tournament brackets will run June – August with match play in each bracket scheduled by the players. Follow us here on-line for additional details. Tournament Play Registration deadline is May 31.


Social Event Play

Open to 2019 OPTC Season-Pass Holders only. OPTC holds many fun tennis and social events all season long.  Follow our events calendar for annual events and watch your email boxes for announcements. Scroll down to view a few of our upcoming events or visit our full calendar of events.  If you’re not an OPTC member yet – REGISTER HERE!